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SunnySideLabs is a family dog breeding business that has homed over 100+ puppies since they first started back in 2012. Over the years they have gained many accolades and praise such as becoming Assured Breeders with The Kennel Club. The intention of this project was to create a new identity that was fun, consistent but professional allowing the brand to appeal to a new audience and grow their brand awareness in the breeding community.

The core of the project was around using imagery that shows a range of emotion, highlighting how the puppies are raised and grow before heading off to their new homes. This resulted in finding a way to adapt their identity to create a system around the "Sun" and with "Labradors" being the vocal point.

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Design & Strategy: Jacob Ham

Creative Direction: Jacob Ham

Production: Jacob Ham

Copywriting: Jacob Ham

Photography: Douglas Johnstone

Editing: Jacob Ham & Douglas Johnstone

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