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Second Thoughts: Making Sense of Everything on My Mind.

Second Thoughts: Making Sense Of Everything On My Mind is a book written and designed by Jacob Ham, based around his personal experiences with ADHD, Depression and Anxiety. It was never meant to be a book, it started as a way to vent and he got addicted, finding it extremely therapeutic. So, he created a book. Written from different angles, this book combines the idea of following an impulse with intuition. He used it to put some of my worst fears out in the open for people to criticise. Ironically, one of his biggest fears was writing his first book.

Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

Page Count: 142 Pages

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The book was themed around using small annotations and random doodles to create various distractions, creating the feeling of what it's like to have ADHD. The purpose was to help people understand how the brain of someone has it works. Every page is unique and links directly to the mood. When things are positive, there is less going on, but when it's negative, it's all over the place. The cover and inside of the book is based on the misconception of how people feel. The outside is bright and energetic, showing what people think ADHD is. The inside is dark and gloomy, showing how it actually feels.

Originally this book was based on HyperFocus, another project that tackled ADHD, which acted as some personal inspiration to further develop the colour palette, illustration style and typography settings. All sketches were drawn on paper, then redeveloped digitally by using a Wacom Tablet.

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Author: Jacob Ham

Editing & proofreading: Jacob Ham

Design & production: Jacob Ham

Print & Publishing: Amazon KDP

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