Our Branding

AlderHam, Logo Sketches


Our branding symbolises the two key initials in our name, the A and the H. We created a personal mark that allowed them change between different lockups, giving us more flexibility, when it came to making animations or working with smaller spaces. The whole theme was based on building something minimal and professional. The project spanned across both print and digital design allowing the studio to run effectively when communicating with clients.

AlderHam, Logo on Black
AlderHam, Logo on White
AlderHam, Logo on Black and White
AlderHam, Logo on Grid
AlderHam, Logo on Green
AlderHam, Colour Scheme
AlderHam, Typography
AlderHam, Business Cards
AlderHam, Social Media, Content
AlderHam, Green Logo on White Shirt
AlderHam, A5 Moleskine Notepad
AlderHam, Green Logo on White Tote Bag


Creative Direction: Jacob Ham

Strategy: Jacob Ham

Copywriting: Jacob Ham

Design & production: Jacob Ham

Typography: Jacob Ham

Web development: Jacob Ham

Awards & publications

Behance feature, AIGA Gallery - September 20th, 2019