Johnstone Media

JohnstoneMedia, White Logo on Navy with Orange Pattern


To develop a creative solution for local photographer and filmmaker, Douglas Johnstone, who now uses the persona "JohnstoneMedia" following an overhaul on his brand image. He wanted to follow a more professional and direct route, instead of using his full name.

The chosen idea was based on the basic terminology of media and video. Using a rewind button to represent how Douglas's photographs and films can remind people of memories or special occasions. This was built by establishing a range of patterns that felt interactive, but still linked with the purpose of the brand. The whole concept was started by exploring the letters J and M to create a mark that would incorporate this creative direction.

JohnstoneMedia, Logo and Pattern Sketches
JohnstoneMedia, Logo with Grid
JohnstoneMedia, Orange and White Logo on Navy
JohnstoneMedia, White Logo on Navy with Clipped Pattern
JohnstoneMedia, White Logo on Normal Image
JohnstoneMedia, White Logo on Orange Image
JohnstoneMedia, Navy Logo on White with Orange Pattern
JohnstoneMedia, Orange Logo on White
JohnstoneMedia, White Logo on Orange
JohnstoneMedia, Logo and Pattern Development
JohnstoneMedia, Colour Values for CMYK, RGB, PMS and Hex
JohnstoneMedia, Pattern Variations
JohnstoneMedia, Typography and Family
JohnstoneMedia, Copy and Slogan
JohnstoneMedia, Business Cards, Front and Back
JohnstoneMedia, Business Cards, Repeated
JohnstoneMedia, Letter Heads and Business Cards
JohnstoneMedia, Letter Heads and Folders


Design & Strategy: Jacob Ham

Creative Direction: Jacob Ham & Douglas Johnstone

Production: Jacob Ham

Copywriting: Jacob Ham

Photography: Douglas Johnstone

Editing: Jacob Ham & Douglas Johnstone

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