BePolestar Logo Animation 1px

Using negative space to help kickstart BePolestar a web design agency founded in 2018.

BePolestar Logo Animation


Client: BePolestar

Date: August 2018

Scope: Logo Design and Digital Design

BePolestar is a web design agency that was founded in 2018. We were tasked to create the logo design, patterns & potential marketing for the brand to use on all platforms.

One of the main objectives of this project was to incorporate negative space into the design. Having that in mind, we took inspiration from a shooting star to help create something that felt balanced and gave use room to explore how the mark could be used creatively.

The star found within the logo ended up becoming the key focal point throughout the project and eventually helped spark how images would be used or how patterns would be styled.

White BePolestar Logo on Navy and Blue Image Clip
Primary BePolestar Logo on Navy Background
White BePolestar Logo on Blue Gradient with Star Pattern Background
White BePolestar Logo on Blue Background
White and Blue BePolestar Logo on Alternate Colour Backgrounds
Primary BePolestar Logo on White Background
Primary BePolestar Logo on Gray and White Image Clip

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