I had Second Thoughts and wrote a book about it!

Writing - June 26th, 2019 by Jacob Ham

Second Thoughts, Front Cover

A few months back I started something I have never done before. I’ve done essays, dissertations and even blog posts like this. I never actually wrote something that felt like I knew what I was saying. Hard to grasp that I would say that, but it’s true. I hated the idea of writing something for people to pick apart. I was in my room and I started reading more books to get some inspiration to help with writing copy for HyperFocus and something sparked inside me. I started a journal to aid the project, but I knew that it had to be just themed around ADHD. I started writing. I was really struggling with it. The name, the content and the style. It didn’t fit. It had to be separate. I kept it a secret. I have ADHD, a label that has defined my whole life. People overlook that. Anyways, that was typical of me… going on another tangent. The book is finished, hopefully, live on Amazon by the time you read this! So far, there’s a paperback and ebook edition, but fingers crossed I can get a Hardback sorted somehow :)

If you’ve already bought and finished the book, please leave a review. Thanks a million!

Second Thoughts, Pages 10 and 11

What's the book about?

It’s hard to sum this book up. It’s my best work. I mean in the sense of telling a story. It’s about living with ADHD, battling depression and managing my own anxiety. The fear of writing. How I looked at awards and features as validation that my work was good. Not just good but s**t hot. I’m scared to drive, I might get pulled over for taking Class B medication, that's prescribed for my ADHD. It’s my fears and second thoughts about working in the creative industry. Recently that insecurity doubled with graduating from university.

I’m 21 and still have a lot to learn. I may sound ambitious as f*ck but I need to be. I have learned a lot about self-development and how to manage what I’m going through. So, what started as a way for me to vent became this thing where I could help others in the progress. The misconception that people like me can’t accomplish things because of a disability or mental illness is false. I can focus more than anyone if I put my mind to it.

Each chapter is slightly different. They all link together. The book is basically an insight to how I manage emotions. Some chapters are light-hearted, and others are written in a dark tone. I started this when I was 20 as a way to vent but wanted to share my own experiences to help others. I stopped putting everything on social media and started writing things in the Notes App on my phone. This was unknown territory for me, I now love reading books and writing them. It’s therapeutic for me, it allows me to say how I feel when sometimes I might not have the guts to say it out loud. It’s all about growth and becoming a better person. It’s my experience of second guessing if I should do something or not.

Second Thoughts, Pages 16 and 17

Part One

Chapter 1 - Impulse “ADHD & Purpose”

Chapter 2 - Placebo “Medication”

Chapter 3 - Armour “Depression & Bullying”

Chapter 4 - Sorry “ADHD & Paranoia”

Chapter 5 - Reset “Failure”

Chapter 6 - Panic II “Anxiety & Music”

Chapter 7 - Fake Love “Social Media”

Chapter 8 - Dunce “Teachers & Redemption”

Chapter 9 - Swerve “ADHD & Driving”

Second Thoughts, Pages 126 and 127

Part Two

Chapter 10 - Intuition “ADHD & Writing”

Chapter 11 - Clarity “Stress & Paranoia”

Chapter 12 - Steady “Balance”

Chapter 13 - Legacy “Friends & Family”

Chapter 14 - Step One “Balance & OCD”

Chapter 15 - My Way “Writing & Motivation”

Chapter 16 - Mumble “Speech & Confidence”

Chapter 17 - Panic I “Anxiety & Team-work”

Chapter 18 - Scarred “Appearance & Self-love”

Chapter 19 - No Object “Money & Objectives”

Second Thoughts, Back Cover

Picking up a copy off Amazon would be much appreciated, please read it with an open mind and share it around if you find it helpful. I hope you do. Thank you for reading!