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Introducing The Censored Thoughts Podcast!

Jacob Ham - 23/06/2020

The Censored Thoughts Podcast Cover

The Censored Thoughts Podcast is all about building a platform to vent about our darkest moments. On this monthly podcast, Jacob from AlderHam will dive deeper into some of his personal experiences and occasionally talk with likeminded individuals about some of the hardships they've had to overcome in their career. Whether you're a founder, designer or mental health advocate, tune in to hear some of the realities of running a business in today's climate.

The Censored Thoughts Podcast Cover Colour Variations

"One thing that I hope will happen with this podcast is seeing more business owners talking. Not only about what they've been through but what they've taken from those experiences. As someone who struggles daily with mental health, I feel that creating a place where people can vent, will help make it easier for people to open up. Looking back, I noticed how much I had censored myself and almost distanced myself from the business. Therefore the podcast feels like the best way for me to make amends to some extent!"

- Jacob Ham, Founder and Director of AlderHam

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By Jacob Ham - 23/06/2020