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AlderHam celebrates its first year of business.

Jacob Ham - 20/08/2020

AlderHam Logo on Green With Faded Text!

It’s scary to say, but today, AlderHam celebrates its first birthday.

It doesn’t feel like it, but we can’t argue that it’s been a whole year since we started this journey.

A lot has happened in these last 12 months. A lot that we’re incredibly proud of.

Our first year was all about learning. Learning about business and understanding what ours will be, not only in the present but as we grow in the future.

We’ve been blessed to take part in the third Durham City Incubator Cohort, which has been instrumental in growing our business. We’ve tried and failed. We’ve tried and succeeded. We’ve learnt that business is all about dusting yourself off and staying positive when things don’t go as planned. It’s also about giving yourself a pat on the back for the smallest of victories.

In the past 366 days, we’ve met so many new faces, in person and on Zoom. We’ve met so many inspiring people. We’ve had the pleasure working with a few of them. We’ve experienced the highs and lows of being in a global pandemic. We’ve witnessed the world change drastically overnight. Going from working in an office to working from home. We’ve learned to think on our feet. We’ve slowly realised that business isn’t easy, and nobody prepares you for the decisions you need to make.

Sometimes you need to take a step back and think about what really matters.

We’ve worked on a lot of highly confidential projects that we can’t wait to share them when the times right. We’ve expanded our services. We’ve designed identities for local businesses. We’ve mocked-up apps that will help safeguard young people. We’ve worked with people who are innovative and are striving to change the world around them.

We’ve witnessed people take a stand, in the streets and online. We’ve seen people stand for what’s right and important. We’ve noticed that as a business sometimes we have to speak up about what’s going on, even if that means losing new business. We’ve came to the conclusion that those aren’t the type of clients we’d like to work with.

We’ve learnt that growing as a business takes time. We know there’s still more to be done and we have another year to learn.

Going into our second year, we look forward to building on everything we’ve learnt and accomplished since last August.

We’re currently searching for some new projects, would you like to discuss yours?

By Jacob Ham - 20/08/2020