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Reflecting on 2019, relocating to Salvus House and joining DCI cohort!

Jacob Ham - 13/01/2020

Salvus House, Akley Heads, Durham

Since we first opened for business back in September, things have been a little slow. We’ve had one or two projects that will hopefully get shared soon. The past four months have flown by and we wanted to take some time to reflect and share what’s happening next.

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A Fresh Start

Last year was all about getting ourselves ready. Ready to make a name for ourselves and establish the way we want to present our work. There was a lot of learning and evaluating where we went wrong. The biggest being our website and social media. They felt disconnected from one another and both seemed very rushed. Harsh to say it out loud but it just didn’t go hand in hand.

Having that in mind, whilst things were dull or slow in the studio, we set out to rework our whole website. It may seem very similar, but the way it runs and functions were the key driving force for this change. We now have a system in place where we can share work and people can read more about it on our journal, giving us some transparency in the way we communicate. We now have a consistent and responsive design that gives our portfolio some sense of balance.

Our social media changed quite drastically and started to take more of an organised approach. We spent time on planning, researching and evaluating how every post will be received. Our knowledge of the online world has grown immensely, and we have now doubled our reach since refreshing our socials in November.

There’s still a lot to do, but that’s just the start of the tweaks we’re making to our business and have a lot of content planned for our social media and journal.

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Durham City Incubator & Salvus House

A few weeks ago, we were given the opportunity to pitch our business at Salvus House for applications for the third Durham City Incubator cohort. We’re happy to share that we successfully made the list of businesses that will be taking part in the programme. This means a lot of new changes for our studio, but more importantly, will positively impact our knowledge we have whilst running a business.

Durham City Incubator is run by Business Durham, offering support for small business from mentoring, opportunities to collaborate and a variety of workshops.

One of the more apparent changes from joining the incubator will be our new shared office space. Previously we were working from home, but this move gives us the chance to be more involved with other businesses in the area.

We can’t wait to get things rolling this week!

We’re currently searching for some new projects, would you like to discuss yours?

By Jacob Ham - 13/01/2020