Learn more about AlderHam

AlderHam was founded in 2019, just outside of Bishop Auckland by Jacob Ham. On the brink of giving up the search for that perfect job opportunity, he decided to take control of his career. The scary choice to take everything he believed in, everything that he has learned over the years and even stuff he feared as a creative, into creating his own agency. One that would consist of temporarily working from his bedroom at his parent’s house. Essentially making the perfect job opportunity for himself and potentially others, further down the line.

Built on the premise of not stopping at the finish line, we are always looking for new ways to get our ideas into fruition. Specialising in creating effective design and brand identities that solve the problems at hand. We don’t always conform to grids or stay inside the lines, but the end product is always the best of the best. Yes, we know that we are a small team, but we get the job done. AlderHam always has something to prove regardless of who reaches out!

What we do

We create, develop and produce visual outcomes that help spark a conversation or change, while helping to identify potential problems or simply just improving the face of that brand. We love design, it’s that simple. Yes, it's that clique, which is said by every other studio, but it’s true. Design can help make a difference in the big and small things in life. Regardless of the scale or how complicated the problem, we keep things simple and straight to the point. We aren’t afraid to get a little personal every now and then.

We do all the above by using the following list of services to help reach certain audiences or simply just getting the job done:

Advertising & Marketing

Brand identity & Strategy

Editorial Design

Packaging Design

Social Content & Strategy

Website Design

Visual Identity

How we work

We don’t believe in following a “One-Size-Fits-All” approach, so every project we get starts differently depending on how we feel. Every idea we come up with, is unique, sometimes it’s made on paper, sometimes it’s made on a screen. We have a simple process that allows us to have the freedom to design, the way we want.

Sometimes we might research online, we possibly may read a book or two and we might go a little over the top, by watching one of our favourite movies, just so we can get that “Eureka” moment.

To cut a long story short, we put ourselves in the shoes of our clients and their audience to help establish the best way forward, looking at potential pitfalls but seeing what can be achieved when things go smoothly. We aren’t scared of thinking about commitment.

Who we work with!

We love working with people who are open minded and want to push themselves or their brand further, regardless of how small that particular project might be in the end. What is important to us, is that relationship between ourselves and the client doesn’t stop, once everything is ticked off on the brief.

It doesn't matter if our clients, are starting from scratch or already have a name for themselves in their respective industry. We love getting a new challenge and for our work to be pushed further. There’s nothing more exciting than trying to establish or reinvent a brand, it's what we thrive on.

We have already worked with a small group of people and helped them to push their brand into the unknown, through using strong well-suited visuals. This list includes dog breeders, photographers, illustrators and even an online marketplace. We love working with people who take a risk and don't look back.